Publish or Perish software

Publish or Perish is a piece of software that searches for and analyzes scholarly citations. It gathers raw citations from a variety of sources, analyzes them, and displays a variety of citation metrics, such as the number of papers, total citations, and h-index.

The findings are displayed on-screen and can be copied to the Windows or macOS clipboard (for pasting into other programs) or saved in a variety of formats (for future reference or further analysis). A full help file with search hints and extra information about the citation metrics is included with Publish or Perish.

What is the purpose of Publish or Perish?

Are you applying for a new job, a promotion, or tenure? Is it necessary for you to prepare for your performance review? Publish or Perish is aimed to assist individual academics in effectively presenting their case for research impact, even if they have a small number of citations.

It can also be used to choose which journals to submit to, to prepare for a job interview, to do a literature review, to conduct bibliometric research, to write laudatios or obituaries, or to complete homework before meeting your academic hero. Publish or Perish is a Swiss army tool for writers.

Data sources and how to use them

A functioning Internet connection is required to use Publish or Perish (PoP). PoP collects citation data from a variety of sources, which is then processed and turned into a variety of statistics. The findings are displayed on the screen and can be copied to the Windows clipboard (for pasting into other programs) or saved to a text file (for future reference or further analysis).

Publish or Perish is a program that obtains and analyzes academic citations from external data sources; it does not have its own database. The current available data sources are:

Data sourceNotes
CrossrefFreely available
Google ScholarFreely available
Google Scholar ProfileFreely available
Microsoft AcademicRequires a free subscription from Microsoft
Note: Microsoft have announced that their data source will be discontinued after 31 December 2021
OpenAlexFreely available. Currently (February 2022) in early stages of development with limited search options. We will track future developments.
PubMedFreely available
ScopusRequires a free API key from Elsevier
Semantic ScholarRequires a free API key from Semantic Scholar
Web of ScienceRequires a subscription from Clarivate (typically provided by your organisation)
External data  Importorting of externally obtained data from Web of Science, RefMan, EndNote, and many others.
Install Publish or Perish on your computer.

The Publish or Perish software is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS; the Windows version can also be installed and used on GNU/Linux systems using an emulator like CrossOver Linux or Wine.



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