Scientific journals specializing in methodology

Methodology, method, or science of methods is one of the most important areas of interest in all science, as it is concerned with questions that are at the heart of any science, which is how to get to knowledge. So we offer you the most important academic journals that are interested in publishing in and around the scientific method, most of which, if not all, are published in English.

  1. Methodology

The Methodology Journal is published by the European Society of Methodology. The organization is a consortium of syllabus scientists working in various fields of social and behavioral sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, economics, pedagogical and political science) and aspires to be a platform for interdisciplinary exchange of methodological research and applications in different fields. There are three main disciplines to cover: Data analysis, scientific research and psychometric methods.

The magazine is open to publishing new methods, review articles, software information, and teaching sheets that can be used in teaching. Articles published in the journal should be made available not only to methodologists but also to more applied researchers in different disciplines. The magazine publishes original articles, which will be open to the publication of new methodological approaches for data analysis, research design and measurement of current issues within the widely perceived methodology of social and behavioral sciences.

The Journal of Methodology is presented as being open to a variety of articles, including research on measurements, data analysis, research designs, statistical methods, tools, and procedures, in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Articles published in the journal should be made available not only to methodologists but also to more applied researchers in different disciplines. Articles that focus on objective research problems in social and behavioral sciences are not in the range ; Articles should be of a systematic nature.

The methodology is also intended to provide guidance articles on data analysis, research methodology and psychological measurements of teaching and learning. These articles should be designed to be learner-oriented and can include application guidance, trial examples using real or simulated data sets, a code and data sets for various topics to assist applied researchers. The target audiences include faculty members, postgraduate and doctoral students and applied researchers. It is strongly recommended that the data set models and software settings mentioned in these articles be publicly available. The articles included in this section should be useful in gaining a better understanding and use of data analysis, research methodology and psychometrics.

2. Quality and Quantity.

Quality (Quantity International Journal of Methodology) is a reference point for European and non-European scientists to discuss methodological tools for more rigorous scientific results in the social sciences. In the age of big data, the magazine also provides a place to publish for data scientists interested in proposing a new index to measure the different manifestations of social, cultural, and political events.

Instead of leaning toward a specific methodological school, the magazine publishes papers on a mixed method of quantitative and qualitative data. Furthermore, the main objective of the magazine is to reflect the diverse methodological pluralism and research cultures. The journal is therefore open to research papers that deal with some general logic of empirical research and analysis and verification of the validity of social laws. The magazine also publishes papers on science standards, publication ethics and related issues that influence methodological practices among researchers.

The journal is multidisciplinary and systematically links disciplines such as data and information sciences with other humanities and social sciences. The magazine also extends its discussion of the interesting contributions in the methodology to researchers around the world, promoting the scientific development of social research. The magazine is published by Springer.

3. International Journal of Educational Methodology

The International Journal of Pedagogical Methodology (IJEM) is a leading peer-reviewed, open-access research journal that provides an online forum for studies in education by and for scientists and practitioners worldwide.

Published articles in IJEM are primarily original research, methodologies, methods, and theoretical perspectives relevant to the international audience. The journal includes a particular interest in research towards scientific analyzes of issues and trends that inform educational practice(s) within and/or across sectors. The magazine is published online four times a year: February, May, August and November.

Furthermore, the research works published in this magazine meet the requirements of the Eurasian Society for Educational Research and can be accessed, shared, modified, distributed and used for educational, commercial and non-commercial purposes.

4.International Journal of Social Research Methodology

The International Journal of Social Research Methodology (ISRO) has a prominent feature: its mixed audience of researchers within academic institutions and other research organizations, as well as researchers practicing in this field. So the magazine aims to publish high-quality, systematic discussions that often rely on a combination of academic research and practice based on professional and service settings, and those who think about the relationship between the two.

The magazine focuses on ongoing and emerging methodological discussions through a variety of approaches, qualitative and quantitative, including mixed methods, comparison, and simulation, because they relateto philosophical, theoretical, ethical, political, and practical issues It tries to be an international mediator for the dissemination of discussions on social research methodology and practices across a wide range of social sciences disciplines and thematic concerns. and a forum for researchers in all sectors to consider and assess methods as they relate to research practice.

The International Journal of Social Research Methodology welcomes the contributions of one article on methodology and methods that:Extract general effects of methods or methodology that are not limited to a particular subject area or specialty ;Treat the substantive findings of the research as illustrations of specific methodological approaches rather than as an objective aspect of the article.

The journal also focuses on methods related to a specific specialized context without taking into account broader social science and a systematic audience (e.g. focus group methods in psychology without thinking about how these methods are used in other disciplines), and is also interested in providing descriptive or summarizing overview of a particular research project (or projects) or separating the methodology from a dissertation or grant.

5. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology

The Journal of Statistics and Survey Methodology appeared in 2013, under the auspices of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the American Association for Statistics (ASA). Its goal is to publish cutting-edge scientific articles on statistical and methodological issues related to sample surveys, censuses, administrative record systems, and other related issues.

It aims to be the primary research journal in survey statistics and methodology. Topics of interest include survey sample design, probabilistic and non-probabilistic sample comparisons, statistical inference, non-response, questionnaire design, pre-test, measurement error, impacts of data collection patterns, interviewer influences, paradas and responsive survey design, use of administrative records for population inference, use of organic or social media data for population inference, collection of data from multiple sources, record linkage, disclosure restrictions, and other issues in survey statistics and methodology.

The Journal publishes theoretical and applied papers, provided that the theory is driven by an important practical problem and the report of the applied papers focuses on research that contributes to generalizable knowledge in the field. Papers dealing with a wide range of surveys are also encouraged, including (but not limited to) business and economic surveys, marketing research, social sciences, the environment, epidemiology, biostatistics, and official statistics.

The magazine has three sections. The Survey Statistics Section provides papers on innovative sampling procedures, inclusion, weight, uncertainty measures, small area inference, new analytical methods, and other statistical issues related to surveys. The Survey Methodology Section provides papers focusing on methodological research, including methodological experiments, questionnaire design and testing, data collection methods, interlocutor influences, non-response and staffing protocols, responsive designs, new data sources, and the use of metadata. The Applications Section contains papers containing innovative road applications and provides practical input, guidance, and/or important new results.

6.  Journal of Methods and Measurement in the Social Sciences 

The Social Science Methods and Measurement Journal (JMM) publishes articles on methodology, research design, measurement, and data analysis. Published twice a year, the magazine contains theoretical, empirical, and educational articles.

JMM aims to enhance our understanding of methodology and how to formulate the right questions. is generally concerned with improving the methods used to conduct research, measuring variables used in the social sciences, and improving data analysis applications. In addition to research articles, JMM welcomes instructional articles, reports, or brief comments. It strongly welcomes the original contributions.

7. International Journal of Qualitative Methods

The International Journal of Quality Curricula is an open-access, peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal of the International Institute of Qualitative Methodologies (IIQM) at the University of Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2002, the magazine is a selective international forum for insights, innovations, and developments in study methods and designs using qualitative or mixed research methods. The magazine publishes method papers and study protocols. This magazine is a member of COPE.

8. Methodological Innovations

Methodological Innovations is an international open-access journal and the main publishing place for peer-reviewed articles and social research curricula. Methodological Innovations is a magazine established in 2015 that focuses on methodological progress and discussions in social research methodology. This magazine is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

It is considered one of the most important, if not the most important, magazines in the research curricula that are interested in the methodological innovations, both in terms of new tools and in terms of new study environments, especially with the major technological transformation that the world is witnessing, especially in the field of scientific research. Additionally, advances in statistical techniques, scanning interfaces, and sophisticated qualitative data analyzes have been facilitated by technological advances, but other non-traditional imaginary methods, such as self-ethnography, visual methods, and neural networks have opened up new ways of reaching the social world. Methodological innovations are a forum for methodological advances and discussions in the methodology and methodology of social research.

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