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1Scholars4Dev, short for Scholarships for Development, is an updated listing of scholarships for international students, specifically for people from developing countries, people who would like to pursue development-related fields, and people who seek global and national development through further education.

It is our aim to help you find opportunities for higher education and become agents of development in your own countries and the rest of the world. see testimonials of our website. 

2HeySuccess is the largest youth platform globally with both opportunities and users in over 180 countries around the world. We are on a mission to bring international experiences to millions of young people because we believe international experiences are important, rewarding, and above all, fun! Your years studying at university are the most ideal period of life to experience the world and acquire invaluable skills and global awareness. Fortunately, there are dozens of thousands of international opportunities gathered only on HeySuccess, ready for you to explore the world!

Before HeySuccess, the methods for finding student opportunities abroad were still in the Stone Age. Students had to waste an enormous amount of time searching Google and messy youth portals with very few opportunities offered. Even with the huge time investment, students would still miss 99% of the other opportunities never published by those tiny portals. Other alternatives were expensive agencies and organizations offering very few prearranged and low-quality internships abroad (like teaching English abroad or low-quality volunteer positions). We thought every student deserves access to quality and diverse opportunities abroad. We know how painful the feeling of missed opportunity can be! For that reason, we started building the solution.

3GoAbroad launched and conceptualized in 1997, GoAbroad first set out to fill the information gap between students with a desire to travel abroad and companies offering international programs. As the travel industry has evolved and access to opportunities to see the world has grown, our mission has transformed into something much greater than building a bridge between travellers and organizations: we’ve developed and evolved over the past two decades to meet the ever-changing needs of travellers, positioning ourselves as the resource for meaningful travel around the world.

Today, we continue to work tirelessly to create new resources and share international travel opportunities, because we believe anyone can find their own way to see the world.

4Fully-fundedScholarships was created back in 2018 for the purpose of making it a helping hand for students looking for studying abroad opportunities. Our editorial board makes sure to publish the kind of educational content that helps students in their academic research, scholarship search, and admission application procedures.

Fully-fundedScholarships also serve to aid and nurture qualified students from different countries who are young and gifted to qualify for international scholarships so that they can continue their education in top of art institutions around the globe. At Fully-fundedScholarships, we ensure that whatever is communicated as regards scholarship is current and authentic. Volunteers working on this website aim to create awareness of educational opportunities that will benefit students.

This is an avenue where students who have talent get help in identifying the appropriate institution for higher learning where he or she will be subject to benefits like financial support. The whole process of identifying the appropriate institution and then going over the application process may appear difficult but then courtesy of Fully-fundedScholarships, there is a procedural guide to applying for a scholarship. The intention is to support students making them able to make informed decisions as regards the opportunities increasing their chances to qualify for higher levels of education.

5- Fastweb was the very first college scholarship search website ever. It was founded on May 22, 1995, by Internet pioneer, Larry Organ, a businessman and entrepreneur who is credited for creating a number of companies. He believed that students should be able to find college scholarships without having to pay for a service. On its very first day, Fastweb helped 270 students find college scholarships.

Fastweb stands for Financial Aid Search Through the Web; and in 1999, it began incorporating financial aid advice for users as well. Organ teamed up with financial aid expert, Mark Kantrowitz, who had started his award-winning and nationally recognized site,, in 1994.

Together, they became the model for helping students find college scholarships for free and for equipping users with the know-how to navigate the world of financial aid. At that time, Fastweb provided a comprehensive approach to helping students pay for school through a variety of resources, like scholarships, grants, fellowships, student loans and work study. In 2001, Fastweb was sold to Monster Worldwide, a global online employment solution for job search for seekers and employers alike; and in 2009, Kantrowitz became the official publisher of the site.

6- Global Scholarships for International Students began in 2016 as a database for international students seeking various scholarships in different universities around the world. Now, we have 250,000 students searching our site for scholarships each month.

7- InternationalStudent began operation in 1998, answering the calling of a continuously increasing international student population. The response to the site was tremendous and spurred the creation of several other domains. Over time, those sites developed into the International Student Network which is now the leading online resource for international students around the world. Our goal is to enable students to pursue their dreams of seeing the world and improving their education experience. We want to help students in every way imaginable to make them successful in their international education endeavors.

8-ErasmusIntern is part of STORY project which is a project by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN is a non-profit international student organization which mission is to represent international students by providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN has more than 13.000 members in local sections all over Europe working on a volunteer base together with Higher Education Institutions and offering services to 180.000 students per year

The STORY project has been funded with support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. This project aims at improving the accessibility and quality of international internships, as well as at increasing the awareness on the existence of such opportunities for youth. In order to achieve this, research on the subject was committed, and this online platform is being developed in order to enhance students’ international opportunities on the European job market.

ErasmusIntern provides a place where companies and organizations can publish their internship offers and search for interns, and where students that want to do an internship abroad can have their profiles, search and apply for internships vacancies.

9- Summer Schools in Europe originally founded by Utrecht Summer School, is the perfect starting point to explore Europe, a continent of great diversity of place, culture and identity. Its divergent people carry their own cultures, religions, traditions and languages.

By taking a summer course in Europe students can lay a foundation today for their future career. In a world that has grown ever smaller in the wake of globalisation, international experience is needed more than ever. By studying abroad students will develop their communication skills and team spirit. Gaining experience in Europe will make them expand their horizons and open up their mind academically and culturally to meet the challenges of todays world.

Summer Schools in Europe is the most complete directory of summer courses in Europe. We still invite European summer schools to submit their programmes to our database.

10- Student Scholarships has been providing scholarship information to students and scholarship management services to companies since 2003.

A) Scholarship Management Services for Companies. We take great pride in helping non-profit organizations and private companies distribute their scholarship information to students across North America. Program design and promotion is our expertise. Call us today to discuss your Scholarship Program needs.

B) Scholarship Database for Students. Our staff spends countless hours searching both online and offline sources to find new and exciting scholarships for students to apply for. Our database is considered the largest and most comprehensive source for finding scholarships online and is 100% free for students to use.

11- National Scholarships Portal is one-stop solution through which various services starting from student application, application receipt, processing, sanction and disbursal of various scholarships to Students are enabled. National Scholarships Portal is taken as Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)

National Scholarships Portal is one-stop solution through which various services starting from student application, application receipt, processing, sanction and disbursal of various scholarships to Students are enabled. This initiative aims at providing a Simplified, Mission-oriented, Accountable, Responsive & Transparent SMART System for faster & effective disposal of Scholarships applications and delivery of funds directly into beneficiaries account without any leakages.

The Mission Mode Project (MMP) of National Scholarships Portal under the National e-Governance Plan aims at providing common electronic portal for implementing various Scholarships schemes launched by Union Government, State Government and Union Territories across the country.

12- Scholarships In India proudly and happily announce that our website ranks first in helping and assisting students and parents with finding Scholarships and applying for them, ever since its inception 14 years ago. Getting educated by taking advantage of Scholarships and Grants is a boon for all students, and especially to those belonging to the weaker sections of the society.

What started off as a small idea 16 years ago soon took the world for a ride. Today “Scholarships in India” have created awareness among millions of students regarding Scholarships and Financial Aids. It has been an amazing journey, and we are excited for the road ahead. Thousands and thousands of students have benefitted out of our website.

We understand that today’s generation is under the strong clutches of social media and networking. They live in the 24/7 digital world and waste their precious time and money. It affects every aspect of their lives. They don’t seem to be aware of the long-term personal havoc they could create with a click of a button. In such a scenario “Scholarships In India” try our best to install in their minds the importance of education and groom them for a bright and prosperous future.

13- The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) founded in 1975, empowers students and parents with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing support services and scholarships to as many exceptional students, Scholars, and Alumni as possible. HSF strives to make college education a top priority for every family across the nation, mobilizing communities to proactively advance that goal-each individual, over a lifetime, in every way they can. HSF also seeks to give its Scholars all the tools they need to do well in their course work, graduate, enter, and excel in a profession, help lead our nation going forward, and mentor the generations to come. As one of the nation’s leading non-profit organizations, HSF has awarded over $675 million in scholarships and provides a broad range of programs and support services for students, parents, HSF Scholars, and HSF Alumni. 

14- Germen Academic Exchange Service DAAD since it was founded in 1925, more than 1.9 million scholars in Germany and abroad have received DAAD funding. The DAAD is a registered members association made up of German institutions of higher education and student bodies. Our activities go far beyond simply awarding grants and scholarships. The DAAD supports the internationalisation of German universities, promotes German studies and the German language abroad, provide developing countries with best practices in establishing universities and advises decision makers in the area of cultural, educational and developmental policy.

The DAAD provides young people with the opportunity to gain international academic and research experience in Germany as well as worldwide. Most foreign DAAD scholarship recipients are Master’s students or doctoral candidates. Only very few scholarships are awarded at Bachelor’s level (to top students at German schools abroad).

The reason for this funding priority is that graduate students will have already proven their academic ability by completing their first degree, hence are more likely to benefit from a scholarship.

15-  founded in 1998, has helped students find money for college and learn about the entire financial aid process. We are among the most widely-used and trusted free college scholarship search and financial aid information resources on the Internet and have been recognized by high schools, colleges and universities nationwide, among others. We’ve built solid relationships with colleges and universities across the country and want to provide students with the opportunity to not only find free money for college and interact with prospective colleges but to be recruited as well. offers a simple and accessible approach to finding and applying for scholarships for students of all ages. Our tried, tested and acclaimed search engine delivers targeted lists of scholarships for the investment of just a few minutes. There’s no quicker, better way to find free scholarship money. has been matching students to scholarships for over two decades. Our scholarship providers LOVE getting your inquiries and applications. We are not just churning out a list of extremely general and competitive scholarships so commonly found on the internet. We have spent the better part of the last two decades creating the best scholarship database on the internet.

16- ScholarshipRoar is an updated listing of international scholarships for students who seek national and global development through higher education. At this site, you will find information on scholarships, grants, and any other means of financial supports available worldwide. You will also find information on application resources, scholarship/study guide, how to apply and employment/profession guide to assist you in fulfilling your educational and professional dreams.

Our mission is to promote higher education and help bright and needy students in finding scholarship and financial aid opportunities worldwide. The higher education will help students to channel their unbridled zeal into more productive avenues and become agents of enlightenment in the world.

17- Ascholarship communicates important information concerning global scholarships, internships and other opportunities in line with academics in a bid to ensure that the students are able to apply to desired scholarships. The content posted on the ascholarship page is protected by legal rights and is the private property of ascholarship. No other website has the right or authority to copy the content on our page without giving credit to and if the rights are violated, legal rights are taken.

The sample content communicated on our page is material that has been led as gathered by the ascholarship team in a bid to ensure students are able to come up with their own material. We as the ascholarship team will not take disrespectful or spam material by visitors. In the event that this happens, the user account from which that disrespectful content is drawn will be blocked. It is, therefore, a call to action that in the event that you witness misleading material kindly reach us through our contact us page.

18- Study Australia for more than 20 years, the Study Australia website has been a trusted and official Australian Government source of information for prospective international students, their families and education agents.

Our website contains practical and reliable information to help you find the information you seek about Australian education, training and research, and to help you make informed decisions about your studies and your future. The site includes information on everything you need to know, from student support programs and destination information, to virtual internships and online networking.

Following sector and student consultations, recent changes to the home page have resulted in a more centralised approach, with key information on Travel, Visas and Covid-19 gathered together and provided up-front, via the homepage. This section includes vaccine information, ‘student returns’ plans, answers to the most frequently asked visa questions and links to Covid-19 student support services.

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